Occupational Health

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exams

Federal law requires that drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) receive periodic physical examinations. This examination is defined as the “Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Examination.”

The DOT physical examination is highly regulated. Its purpose is to detect the presence of physical, mental, or emotional defects that would affect an applicant’s ability to operate a commercial vehicle safely. The examiner must understand the regulations to prevent individuals from being inappropriately disqualified from their livelihood. Conversely, in the interest of public safety, the practitioner is responsible for identifying those individuals who do not meet the criteria.

During this test, the applicant’s health history is carefully reviewed, including past or recent illnesses or injuries (including head or brain injuries); vision, hearing or heart disorders; the presence of high blood pressure, muscular weakness or disease, diabetes, digestion, or respiratory problems; and the health of the lungs, kidney, liver, and nervous system.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse has significant impact on an organization’s productivity. That’s why many companies require periodic screening to help employees break the cycle of abuse and stop trouble before it starts. ProactiveMcKinney is ready to support this effort on behalf of employers and employees alike by performing stringent, well-documented tests that produce accurate results. In addition, we have physicians knowledgeable in the medical use of prescription drugs and the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs who are available to perform our Medical Review Officer (MRO) services.

  • Pre-placement
  • Post accident
  • Random or periodic
  • Probable cause
  • Breath Alcohol Equipment
  • Rapid Result Drug Testing
  • Standard Drug Testing